Reacterable Registration

Reacterable registers as Reacter only once. It will be done automatically on each successful create of theReacterable.

Register Reacterable manually:



If model already registered as Reacter then Cog\Contracts\Love\Reacterable\Exceptions\AlreadyRegisteredAsLoveReacter exception will be thrown.

Get Reacter Facade

Get Reacter facade from Reacterable model. Read about Reacter Facade API.

$reacterFacade = $user->viaLoveReacter();

Get Reacter Model

Get Reacter model from Reacterable model. Read about Reacter Model API.

$reacter = $user->getLoveReacter();


Reacter Null Object

Method getLoveReacter returns NullReacter if Reacterable model is not registered as Reacter.

Verify Reacterable Registration

Use boolean methods to verify if Reacterable is registered as Reacter or not.

$isRegistered = $user->isRegisteredAsLoveReacter(); // true

$isNotRegistered = $user->isNotRegisteredAsLoveReacter(); // false